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News Date 3/3/2018 12:00:00 AM
Syed Ali Geelani while lashing at Mehbooba Mufti for her criminal silence over rape and murder of eight-year-old girl Asifa.

 APHC chairman Syed Ali Geelani while lashing at Mehbooba Mufti for her criminal silence over rape and murder of eight-year-old girl Asifa, said that efforts by the ruling dispensation to shield and to give cover to the real culprits is the biggest irony. We have no doubt that so-called alliance is being run from Nagpur, said Geelani.

Strongly criticising over the ‘pro-criminal’ rally at Kathua, “in which a few ministers and party workers joined, Syed Ali Geelani said that, how can puppet regime take due course of action against culprits when its two cabinet ministers participated in rally.

Lamenting at state administration, Syed Ali Geelani said despite restrictions on public rallies, the pro-criminal rally was organised which clearly illustrates that they believe in bullying and lawlessness in state is at its peak.

Citing the statement of two cabinet level ministers including Chander Prakash Ganga, and Chowdary Lal Singh, wherein they demanded to handover the investigation of Asifa’s case to CBI,” Geelani said, that ‘’communalizing and politicising a murder and rape case is unacceptable”.

Geelani said that it is highly condemnable that these pro-criminals and campaigners have tarnished all ethics and instead of providing any relief to victim’s family, they are being intimidated and harassed on one pretext or the other.

Geelani said that pro-criminal rally reflects the total moral bankruptcy of ruling partners, saying that threatening the Gujjars in Kathua depicts sick mindset for reaping political dividends.

Rape and murder of innocent minor deserves highest form of condemnation, said Geelani and expressed his shock that those in power corridors instead of helping in smooth trial are creating hurdles and communalising situation in state.

He said the people irrespective of their religion also support the same punishment to the guilty and it’s the collective responsibility of all the humans living in the J&K state to ensure stern punishment to the people involved in the rape and murder of Asifa.

 Those in power corridors can go to any extent, said Geelani and in his fervent appeal asked people, to disassociate from these opportunists, who for the lust of chair, take people for granted and play with their sentiments.

News Date 3/2/2018 12:00:00 AM
Syed Ali Geelani today expressed deep anguish over the plight of detainees languishing in different jails.

 All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelani today expressed deep anguish over the plight of detainees languishing in different jails. “Despite court orders they are not being released,” Geelani, in a statement today, said.

Even those detained by British authorities during “Independence movement of India”, the detainees were logged in jails adjacent to their home localities and citing the treatment meted out to these detainees, Geelani said that then President of Indian National Congress was, even allowed to keep his secretary with him while in detention, added he.

Shifting detainees to outside state is political vendetta ,said Geelani and while lashing at authorities, added that those detained in Rajasthan, UP, West Bengal ,Tihar and other jails of far-flung areas in India, are facing immense agonies and difficulties ,saying that the vengeful treatment to which they are subjected  during detention includes off and on solitary confinement, manhandling of detainees posing a grave threat to their lives, denying meeting with their families ,unavailability of medicines and medical care and substandard quality of food .

Geelani said that even the visitors and relatives who come to see them in jail are also intentionally harassed and tormented by the authorities. All this is done in complete violation of the jail manual which lays emphasis on the honor and dignity of prisoners, added he.

Those lodged in different jails are not criminals but political prisoners who are being subject to detention for their political convictions and outlook and while blaming authorities, Geelani added that their detention are being prolonged on one pretext or the other.

Referring to “lengthy and snail’s pace of judicial proceedings of Indian courts”, Geelani said that, “I am very troubled for snail's-pace court proceedings and blamed judicial weakness for prolonging the detention period of political prisoners.

Both judiciary and executive are hand in glow and deliberately denying justice, blamed Geelani. He said that even when the prisoners lodged under the notorious PSA complete their term, police and related agencies are ready with another dossier to prolong their detention mostly under fictitious charges, thus prolong their detention period.

Lamenting authorities for their wickedness and bullying, Geelani said that every detainee has a legal and moral right to challenge his detention, however the brutal executive is denying the justice and even killing detainees during custody.

Referring to the recent gruesome incident wherein a detinue, Nazir Ahmad Chopan was killed by police during their custody, Geelani said that he was killed in broad day light and a concocted story was floated to cover up this unjustified and inhuman act.

Reiterating his demand for impartial probe in said murder by UN War Tribunal, Geelani said that Nazir Ahmad Chopan was arrested in Sopor on January 9, 2018 along with other seven youths including Muzamil Ahmad Ganie, Tajamul Islam, Saleem Ahmad Beigh, Syed Tameez-ud-din, Nisar Ahmad Ganie, Naseer Ahmad Sheeri, Ghulam Nabi Mir and Mudasir Ahmad Mir, Geelani added, that we are very anxious and worried about their safety.

Referring to Islamabad sub-jail, Geelani said authorities are subjecting prisoners to ill treatment and said that those lodged in Srinagar Jail authorities are shifted to far-flung jails.

Syed Ali Geelani Friday hailing the sacrifices and the services of political prisoners said that “nation prays for their well-being and prosperity and we salute them for their steadfastness, persistence and commitment “and added that “apathetic, hostile and vengeful” behaviour against prisoners won’t break resolve and resilience of people, “instead it will boost commitment and upsurge morale of our prisoners”.

Syed Ali Geelani in his appeal to people asked to take care of prisoner’s families and provide every possible support to effected families and those detained during ongoing freedom movement.

Geelani said that Kashmiri political prisoners including  Shabir Ahmad Shah, Masarat Aalam Bhat, Altaf Ahmad Shah, Ayaz Akbar, Raja Meraj-u-Din Kalwal, Peer Saif-ullah, Nayeem Ahmad Khan, Shahid-ul-Islam, Farooq Ahmad Dar, Kamran Yusuf, Shahid Yousuf, Javed Ahmad Bhat, Zahoor Ahmad Watali,  Mohammad Aslam Wani, Dr Shafi Shariati, Dr Mohammad Qasim, Gh Qadir Bhat, Manzoor Ahmad , Tariq Ahmad, Meer Hafiz Ullah,  Dr Gh Mohamad Bhat, Muzafar Ahmad Dar, Mohammad Yusuf Mir, Mohammad Yusuf Falahi, Gh Mohamad Khan Sopori, Ameer Hamza, Mohd Rafiq Ganai, Ab Ahad Parah, Shakil Ahmad, Raies Ahmad Mir, Ab  Samad Inqilabi, Mohammad Assad Ullah Parey, Hakim Showkat, Molana Sarjan Barkati, Mohammad Ramzan Khan and hundreds of other are ‘’Prisoners of Conscience’’ and we pay our salute for their commitment .

Meanwhile on a proposed programme of Joint Resistance Leaders, All Parties Hurriyat Conference leaders Hakeem Abdul Rashid, Syed Bashir Indrabi, Syed Mohammad Shafi, Umar Aadil Dar, Rameez Raja, Bilal Ahmad Sidique, Molvi Bashir Irfani, Syed Imtiyaz Haider, Syed Imtiyaz Shah, Khawaja Firdous, Mohammad Yaseen Ataiee, Masooda Ji, Showkat Ahmad Khan, Sajad Ahmad Lone, Jan Mohammad Najar, Zahoor Ahmad Beigh, Abdul Ahad and Jasif Raja held a protest at Hyderpora against the plight of detainees languishing in different jails in and outside state.

News Date 3/1/2018 12:00:00 AM
Tributes to “martyrs of Zakura & Tengpora massacres”,Syed Ali Geelani.

 Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday paid tributes to “martyrs of Zakura & Tengpora massacres” and said their sacrifices can never be forgotten.

In a statement issued here, Geelani demanded impartial proceedings under War Crimes Tribunal of the United Nations against the Indian troops involved in the massacres of Zakura, Tengpora and other killings during the past twenty-eight years in the territory.

He said that Jammu and Kashmir has become the most militarized zone in the world and the troops have been involved in the killing of innocent people since 1990.

“Till now no enquiry was initiated against culprits nor anyone involved in these heinous and inhuman crimes was brought to book,” said Geelani.

Geelani while referring to Zakura & Tengpora massacres, said the blood of these martyrs will not be allowed to go waste & nation will never forget the sacrifices rendered by martyrs of these heart-wrenching massacres. “They are our hero’s and their sacrifices are part of our history,” said Geelani.

“Martyrs sacrificed their future for us and now we are duty bound to safeguard these sacrifices and pursue their mission. The best tribute towards them is that we should refrain from such actions which may damage our mission,” said Geelani.

“Since 1990, our freedom movement gained momentum and our brave hearts are challenging India and its hegemony,” said Geelani.

Referring to involvement of Indian forces in “gruesome” killings, Geelani said that Indian forces to suppress our aspirations are taking revenge from innocent and unarmed civilians and thousands lost their lives during forces excesses.

Geelani while referring to countless massacres, said that in every nook & corner of state, hundreds of people were brutally killed in such “heart wrenching episodes”.

Geelani said that Indian forces and its agencies are involved in these “massacres” and there seems to be no let up till date.

“Nobody involved in these killings was brought to book, punished or arrested and are roaming free,” said Geelani and while ridiculing international community for their pathetic approach and indifference towards people of Jammu and Kashmir, said that “they have turned their blind eye to all these gruesome happenings”.

Geelani in his appeal to United Nations sought help and asked International community to come to the rescue and help to stop genocide and initiate action against preparators of these massacres, likewise as was initiated against Serb militia in Bosnia Herzegovina.

People in J&K are aggrieved over indifference from United Nation, said Geelani & demanded probe in all killings and punishment to those involved in heinous crimes.

Also Chairman Hurriyat Syed Ali Geelani and General Secretary Tehreek-e-Hurriyat, Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai in a joint statement today expressed their deep grief over the demise of wife of its prominent party leader Gh Mustafa Wani.

Hailing Gh Mustafa Wani for his contribution for Kashmir freedom movement, Geelani and Sehrai expressed heartfelt condolences and solidarity with the bereaved family.

Both leaders also prayed for eternal peace to the departed soul and forbearance to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss, saying during ongoing freedom struggle, the whole family suffered a lot at the hands of Ikhwan renegades, their properties were looted, ransacked and one of their son achieved martyrdom.

Meanwhile on the directions of Syed Ali Geelani, a deputation comprising of Shah Wali Mohammad, Mohammad Ashraf Laya, Syed Mohammad Shafi and Syed Imtiyaz Hyder visited grieved family and participated in funeral prayers.

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Mar 03, 2018 Syed Ali Geelani while lashing at Mehbooba Mufti for her criminal silence over rape and murder of eight-year-old girl Asifa.
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Mar 01, 2018 Tributes to “martyrs of Zakura & Tengpora massacres”,Syed Ali Geelani.
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Feb 26, 2018 Expressed serious concern over the escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan due to the rising incidents of cross-Line of Control firing, Syed Ali Geelani.
Feb 24, 2018 Authorities disallowed executive council meeting called by Syed Ali Geelani at Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Headquarters Hyderpora Srinagar.
Feb 23, 2018 Hurriyat spokesman lashed out at state police and authorities for barring Huriyat chairman from offering congregational prayers
Feb 23, 2018 JRL reiterated demand for impartial investigation into the Kunan Poshapora mass rape.
Feb 22, 2018 Communalisation and politicisation of the rape and murder of an eight-year-old Bakerwal girl in Kathua was “deplorable, disgusting and against all ethics, Syed Ali Geelani.
Feb 20, 2018 Hurriyat Conference Executive Body (Majlis Shora) held a meeting in Srinagar today.
Feb 20, 2018 Syed Ali Geelani strongly condemned the killing of elderly Syed Habib Ullah in Astanpora Soibugh.
Feb 19, 2018 Syed Ali Geelani has warned the government of serious consequences if “political prisoners” incarnated at the Srinagar Central Jail are shifted to jails outside the Valley.
Feb 18, 2018 Syed Ali Geelani termed the rhetoric about “Goli Nahi Boli” as “hoax, saying PDP stand badly exposed on the ground.
Feb 17, 2018 Police detained APHC's chief spokesperson Gh Ahmad Gulzar and was lodged at police station Shairgari.
Feb 17, 2018 Syed Ali Shah Geelani underwent a check-up at SKIMS Soura.
Feb 16, 2018 Syed Ali Geelani termed the increasing social evils in state as a matter of great concern for which the people should come forward to address the menace.
Feb 15, 2018 Syed Ali Geelani expressed his serious concern over the falling health of detainees in different jails.
Feb 15, 2018 Mohammad Yusuf Nadeem was a valiant son of soil and an intellectual par excellence,Syed Ali Geelani.
Feb 13, 2018 Agencies are reviving the Ikhwan culture, Syed Ali Geelani.
Feb 12, 2018 Syed Ali Shah Geelani demanded complete and blanket ban on the use and sale of liquor in Jammu and Kashmir.