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News Date 7/19/2017 12:00:00 AM
Release all pro-freedom leaders, activists and hundreds of innocent youth detained under frivolous cases.

 Syed Ali Geelani demanded immediate release of pro-freedom leaders & activists and said hundreds of innocent youth detained under frivolous cases during people’s uprising are languishing in different jails and police stations across the valley and most of them are detained under infamous Public Safety Act.


Slamming state authorities for their “haughtiness and persistent denial” to release political activists, Geelani said the detention period of those arrested during 2016 people’s uprising is “prolonged on one pretext or the other.

In an appeal to ICRC, Amnesty International and international organization for human rights, Syed Ali Geelani impressed to take their cognizance and use influence for immediate release of all detainees.


Geelani expressed deep concern about incarcerated pro-freedom leaders including Syeda Aasiya Andrabi, Fahmeeda Sofi, Masarat Aalam Bhat, Ameer Hamza Shah, Mohammad  Yusuf Lone, Mir Hafiz Ullah, Mohammad Yusuf Falahi, Raies Ahmad Mir, Mohammad Shaban Dar, Ab Gani Bhat, Ab Ahad Para, Mohd Rafiq Ganai, Molana Sarjan Barkati, Master Ali Mohammad, Sheikh Mohd  Yusuf, Ab Subhan Wani, Shakil Ahmad Bhat, Mohammad Amin Parey, Mohammad Yusuf Bhat, Bashir Ahmad Boya and more than other five hundred arrested during people’s uprising and added that despite their deteriorating health, they are not being released.


Syed Ali Geelani said that most of prisoners are affiliated with Tehreek-e-Hurriyat and since last year more than 500 hundred political activists are languishing in & outside valley jails and blamed that detained youth including children are harassed & humiliated in detention centers.


Geelani blamed coalition regime for their callous and heartless approach against detainees and added that PDP led administration is following all dictates from Delhi without applying their senses.


Syed Ali Geelani said that the “Public Safety Act “has been declared dreaded, heartless and unlawful by international community, however state administration is implying this against innocent citizens and they are detained for years and during detention they are not produced in any court.


The said law was formulated in 1978 to curb activities of timber smugglers, said Geelani, however from Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah to Mehbooba Mufti, this dreaded law was used against political opponents & pro-freedom leadership & added that PDP led administration has proved more callous as they are using it against political opponents.


Syed Ali Geelani ridiculed PDP for their rhetoric about, ‘’ Goli Nahi Boli “& said that it proved mere fraud and hoax and added that instead the situation is quite reverse and opposite.


Geelani blamed PDP and said that they resorted to more lethal and arbitrary measures and have no regard for opposite views.


Syed Ali Geelani expressed his deep concern over the deteriorating condition of detainees in jails and said that there is no proper treatment facility for ailing prisoners and detainees are harassed and facilities as per jail manuals are denied.

News Date 7/18/2017 12:00:00 AM
Paying glorious tributes to slain youth in Nowgam Islamabad gunfight

 Paying glorious tributes to slain youth in Nowgam Islamabad gunfight, Syed Ali Geelani said that people in occupied state are pursuing a legitimate struggle.

Denying the role of ISIS and Al-Qaida like ideology, Geelani urged India to fulfill its pledge and said that peaceful solution to Kashmir issue is our foremost motive.

In a telephonic address to mourners, Syed Ali Geelani said that ours is a rightful struggle and have no intentions to separate or snatch any part of India.

    In his address to mourners at Dialgam Islamabad, Syed Ali Geelani paid his rich tributes to brave hearts including Showkat Ahmad Lohar slain in Nowgam gunfight and added that the haughty approach and wrong policies of India has created a mayhem and is continuously instigating bloodshed in Kashmir.

Reports said that slain youth in his last wish has said that Syed Ali Geelani should lead his funeral.

Syed Ali Geelani in his address said that I would have offered funeral if he would not have been detained in his house.

Meanwhile on his directions Huriyat assistant General secretary Gh Nabi Sumji, Mohammad Yusuf Makroo and Sabzar Ahmad participated in funeral prayers of slain youth.

Referring to recent statement of Indian army chief General Rawat, Geelani blamed that under well thought plan our youth are being pushed to wall and compelled to choose other options of resentment.

They have evolved an appalling situation in state, blamed Syed Ali Geelani and thus assassinating our youth and trying to slander our freedom struggle.

We have a definite goal and our struggle is disciplined and it is not pointless, said Syed Ali Geelani. Well talented and well-organized leadership with a history of sacrifices is leading the movement and we are dutybound to carry this mission till its logical end, Geelani added.

Syed Ali Geelani stressed people and asked not to support these pro-Indian politicians and urged to withhold from trading against material gains.

Referring to three goals viz Islam, freedom & unification of Tehreek-e- Huriyat, Syed Ali Geelani said that Islam is a complete code of conduct and Islam's manifesto of universal brotherhood of human beings lays stress that all humans are brethren and hence we have no hostile sentiments against people of India, added Geelani.

Since past seventy years we are striving for sacred cause, said Geelani and it is our in-depth desire to see Muslim Ummah on one page. Peace is our mission, said he and added we wish to end this disparity among various sects and section of society.

Referring to brave hearts, Syed Ali Geelani said that they are sacrificing their precious lives for a cause and we are duty-bound to follow and carry mission of these martyrs.

We have presented huge sacrifices, said Geelani and we feel that now is the time to safeguard these sacrifices. Geelani said that we need to show persistence and without any sign of paleness must recommence our pledge with movement, added he.

News Date 7/16/2017 12:00:00 AM
Strongly condemned the reign of terrorism unleashed by forces in Islamabad

 Syed Ali Geelani has strongly condemned the reign of terrorism unleashed by forces in Islamabad, desecration of Jamia Masjid and detention of innocent youth. Attacking and desecration of holy places is unbearable, said Geelani and people will resent such heartless and mindless measures. Urging immediate probe into the gruesome incident, Geelani demanded exemplary punishment for those involved in this heinous act. People's life and honor in state are in danger, and even the religious and holy places are insecure, said Geelani.

DateNews Headline
Jul 19, 2017 Release all pro-freedom leaders, activists and hundreds of innocent youth detained under frivolous cases.
Jul 18, 2017 Paying glorious tributes to slain youth in Nowgam Islamabad gunfight
Jul 16, 2017 Strongly condemned the reign of terrorism unleashed by forces in Islamabad
Jul 16, 2017 Crucial time for both India and Pakistan and an opportunity for both to make a history
Jul 15, 2017 Syed Ali Geelani, dialogue is the only option for the peaceful resolution of all issues.
Jul 14, 2017 Kashmir is a disputed territory and we are pursuing a legitimate struggle.
Jul 14, 2017 Statement of Indian Minister Mr. Jitendra Singh as meaningless and non-realistic
Jul 14, 2017 Syed Ali Geelani was not again allowed to offer Friday prayers by police.
Jul 12, 2017 Present freedom struggle of Kashmir is the part of the movement started by the martyrs of 1931
Jul 12, 2017 Tributes to three slain youth of Radbugh Budgam encounter
Jul 09, 2017 Expressing grief over the loss of lives in ceasefire violations along indo-Pak border
Jul 08, 2017 Resistance camp had devised a program to pay homage to our hero Shaheed Burhan
Jul 07, 2017 Concern over the reports of using chemical weapons and agents against resistant groups during encounter.
Jul 06, 2017 OIC has invited Syed Ali Geelani for attending the proceedings of 44th session of the Council of Foreign ministers (CFM) to be held in Abidjan of Court Di, Ivoire on 10 & 11 July 2017
Jul 06, 2017 Paying glorious tributes to Shaheed Burhan Wani, his two associates & those 118 killed by occupational forces
Jul 05, 2017 Welcoming Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s statement
Jul 04, 2017 Joint resistance leadership, issued a week-long program on first martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Muzaffar Wani and his two colleagues.
Jul 04, 2017 Huriyat on Tuesday said that their stance on Kashmir is very clear.
Jul 03, 2017 Arrogant and stubborn approach of authorities that is giving rise to uncertainty and multiplying human tragedies.
Jul 02, 2017 Kashmir is a political and humane issue.