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News Date 7/10/2018 12:00:00 AM
JRL called shutdown on July 11 against civilian killings.

 Joint resistance leadership (JRL) has called shutdown on July 11 against civilian killings and Mazar-e-Shuhada (Naqshband Sahib RA) Chalo on July 13 to commemorate martyrs of July 13th 1931.

The joint resistance leadership has called for a state-wide shutdown on Wednesday to protest the use of “unbridled force” on unarmed civilians in Shopian after the killing of brave hearts.

Tuesday in a joint statement issued, the resistance leaders including Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik has called for a march to Mazar-e-Shuhada Naqshband Sahib in Srinagar on July 13 to pay tributes to all martyrs and other civilians killed in separate incidents by brutal forces.

Leadership along with people and party workers will march towards Mazar-e-Shuhada after Friday prayers on July 13 to offer joint Fateh Khawnee to all martyrs, statement added.

Paying rich tributes to Ubaid Manzoor Lone (Nadihal Baramula) Tamseel Ahmad (Shopian and recently martyrs Andleeb Ali, Shakir Ahmad Khandey, Irshad Ahmad and  martyrs of Shopian encounter, the JRL expressed deep concern over these heart wrenching incidents and blaming Indian authorities and their  forces for merciless killings, added, their approach is haughty and  snatching our young and budding souls.

JRL while referring to Sonawari  Hajin gruesome incident ,wherein an innocent lady was brutally stabbed to death by some criminals ,said that under the very noose and in presence of heavy contingents of army personnel the culprits barged into a house and after killing a woman fled away unnoticed with belongings from the seen. JRL blamed authorities for reviving Ikhwaan renegade forces and said that the commitment and resolve of the people with ongoing freedom movement has frustrated authorities and as such are resorting to such underhand and mysterious tactics to force people and resistance camp into submission, they added.

Appealing people to foil any attempt aimed at to evolve misgivings and disunity among various sections and religious sects of society, JRL cautioned about the conspiracies being hatched by fanatical and communal sections.

 Resistance leadership said that since the human rights violation report was made public by UNHRC, the Indian brutal authorities feel unnerved and as such feel desperate to tarnish the bond of unity among various sections of society in occupied J&K.

JRL stressed people to maintain harmony among different sections in state and blamed authorities and their agencies, saying they are targeting various sections, particularly Sikh community and added we will never allow these miscreants to play with sentiments of different communities living in state.

JRL expressed deep concern over the unabated arrests and detention of civilians, youth, leadership and political activists across occupied state and added that reports pouring in reveal that people from Hyderpora, Srinagar, Kulgam, Islamabad and other places were arrested during night raids.

Meanwhile spokesman strongly condemned the continuous detention of Syed Ali Geelani, Mohammad Yasin Malik, Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai, Umer Adil Dar and other activists.

News Date 7/9/2018 12:00:00 AM
Blaming Indian rulers for “chaotic” and “explosive” situation in the state, Hurriyat Conference.

 Blaming Indian rulers for “chaotic” and “explosive” situation in the state, Hurriyat Conference general secretary Haji Gh Nabi Sumji today said, “The disputed region has been turned into a police state and a butcher house, where people are killed mercilessly and detained on frivolous charges.” They are carrying genocide in a well thought out plan, Sumji said and added that people in occupied state are peacefully pursuing their right to self determination

 He was addressing mourners in Howra Redwani Kulgam where three youth including a teenaged girl Andleeb, was mercilessly killed in forces shootout. Paying tributes to slain youth Shakir Ahmad Khandey , Irshad Majid and Andleeb ,Sumji said that it is a very heart wrenching incident and we want to ask international community that ,”we are being killed and what is the reason that instead of coming to our rescue, world community is maintaining  silence.

They are showering bullets and pellets over innocent and unarmed people, saying New Delhi is desperate to force us to submission, Sumji said.,” It is impossible and no amount of force or arbitrary measures will deter us from pursuing our cherished mission, Sumji added.

 He in his address paid heartfelt tributes to slain youth and extended his condolences with grieved families,

Meanwhile Gh Nabi Sumji while decrying arrest and shifting of Aasiya Andrabi, her two associates including Nahida Nasreen and Fahmeeda Sofi, said “It is extremely unwise to deny political space and muzzle genuine voices. Sumji said that it is highly deplorable that even women political leaders and activists are booked against frivolous and fake charges, saying India and its stooges have crossed all limits. Sumji in his appeal to organization for human rights asked to take cognizance of plight of detainees.

Condemning the detention of resistance leaders, Sumji said, People and particularly the youth are being detained and there seems no let-up in killing and harassment of civilians in state. The innocent and peaceful people are being arrested, harassed and humiliated during crackdowns. Sumji added.

News Date 7/7/2018 12:00:00 AM
Syed Ali Geelani while paying glorious tributes to Shaheed Burhan Wani and other slain associates on their 2nd martyrdom anniversary.

 Syed Ali Geelani while paying glorious tributes to Shaheed Burhan Wani and other slain associates on their 2nd martyrdom anniversary, said these brave hearts will be remembered for their exemplary sacrifices towards freedom movement. Saturday, Syed Ali Geelani strongly criticized authorities for laying curbs, restrictions and clamping curfew in Tral and adjoining areas and added that people were restricted and barred from commemorating their beloved martyrs. Shaheed Burhan is a role model   and his martyrdom is a mile stone & an inspiration for generations to come, saying those serving their nation and sacrificing their precious lives, are beacon lights of our cherished movement.

Geelani said that those brutally massacred during peoples uprising in 2016 presented invaluable and exemplary sacrifices.  Syed Ali Geelani while hailing spirits of people said that they are very much sensitive and serious about resistance movement. Geelani said that the nation will never budge from its stand and will carry their mission till its logical end. Burhan is a role model for our youth, said Geelani and added that sacrifices rendered by Burhan are praise worthy and exemplary.

Syed Ali Geelani cautioned people about the Macavilian and deceitful politics of mainstream politicians, saying the ethics and moral values is absent in Indian political discourse. Ethics and ethical concerns are dismissed altogether, saying their politics is ultimately about the winning and holding of power, even at the cost of blood of innocents. They are following their particular and prejudiced politics in occupied Kashmir and Indian politicians believe only in power and arrogance and their main aim is to force resistance camp to submission, said Geelani.

Denying political space, caging, intimidations, harassment, charging fake allegations, killings and detaining people for decades without trial is characteristic of tyrant authorities, said Geelani and added that all these repressive, won’t force us to submission or break our resolve ,instead we will follow cherished mission till the movement is taken to its logical conclusion .

Haling the sacrifices rendered by Shaheed Burhan Wani, Geelani said that he infused life and rejuvenated freedom movement, saying the nation need to pursue sacred mission with full commitment and persistence.

I appeal my nation, said Geelani and urged nation to stand like a firm rock against all odds and exhibit unity and strength in their folds, saying Indian agencies are hatching conspiracies and are desperate to evolve infighting, disunity and civil war like situations among our folds.

Meanwhile spokesman in his statement strongly decrying undue curbs, restrictions , clamping curfew and turning whole state into a military garrison ,said that despite all these arbitrary restrictions, resistance camp organized several protest demonstrations in nook and corner of state.

Criticizing the state administration for clamping curfew like restrictions, curbs, crackdown against resistance leaders and detaining Syed Ali Geelani , Dr Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Mohd Yasin Malik , and placing Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai, Syed Aga Husain Almosvi, Bilal Sidiqee, Mohd Yusuf Naqash , Umar Adil Dar , Bashir Ahmad Boya , Syed Imtiyaz Hyder ,Bashir Ahmad Sofi, M Yusuf Ganai, Mushtaq Ahmad Wani, Mushtaq Ahmad Mir, and scores of other activists under house arrest or in police stations, spokesman  said,  all these arbitrary arrests are tantamount to showing disrespect for our brave hearts.”

DateNews Headline
Jul 10, 2018 JRL called shutdown on July 11 against civilian killings.
Jul 09, 2018 Blaming Indian rulers for “chaotic” and “explosive” situation in the state, Hurriyat Conference.
Jul 07, 2018 Syed Ali Geelani while paying glorious tributes to Shaheed Burhan Wani and other slain associates on their 2nd martyrdom anniversary.
Jul 06, 2018 Complete shutdown on 7 July.
Jul 05, 2018 Serious concern over the arrest spree waged by Indian forces and state police , APHC general secretary Haji Gh Nabi Sumji.
Jul 04, 2018 JRL in a statement in Srinagar called religious clerics to hold Fateh Khawni on July 6th to commemorate 2nd martydome anniversary of Shaheed Burhan Muzafar Wani and 126 other martyrs, slain during peoples uprising in 2016.
Jul 02, 2018 JRL expressed their grave concern over the increasing highhandedness and employing SOG personnel as an aggressive and repressive measure against peaceful ,unarmed civilians including pro-freedom leadership and activists.
Jul 01, 2018 APHC Secretary General, G N Sumji Condemning the use of brute force against innocent civilians in Hajin Bandipora, Sumji.
Jun 30, 2018 All Parties Hurriyat Conference, while paying rich tributes to the martyrs of Chatpora, Pulwama and Keran Kupwara .
Jun 29, 2018 Rejecting any possibility of submission or surrender before the Indian imperialism and military might, Syed Ali Geelani.
Jun 28, 2018 APHC expressed serious concern for creating horrific and fearful atmosphere by forces and SOG personnel through frequent night raids on the residences of ex-mujahideen and pro-freedom political activists and leaders.
Jun 27, 2018 Strongly condemning the excessive use of military power against the civilian people by the Indian occupation forces, the APHC.
Jun 25, 2018 Syed Ali Geelani on Monday while blaming Indian rulers for continuous bloodshed in state.
Jun 24, 2018 JRL demanded impartial probe by UNHRC or by some international agency into Machil Kupwara encounter
Jun 23, 2018 Hurriyat Conference delegation visited Bone & Joint Hospital in Srinagar, to enquire about the well being of civilians, who were injured in forces ’ “shootout” in Tral.
Jun 22, 2018 Hurriyat Conference on Friday staged protest against the civilian killings and unabated human rights violations in Hyderpora Srinagar.
Jun 22, 2018 Syed Ali Geelani, has welcomed the decision of Pakistan to allow United Nations Commission for assessment of human rights in Azad Kashmir.
Jun 21, 2018 Hurriyat conference chief spokesperson hailed the people of Kishtiwaar for elegance and their determination with freedom movement.
Jun 20, 2018 Our youth lay their lives to end the age-old slavery of their nation and for right to self-determination, Syed Ali Geelani.
Jun 19, 2018 State authorities and New Delhi are killing innocent people and inflicting brutalities, Syed Ali Geelani.