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News Date 6/20/2017 12:00:00 AM
After Champions trophy final between India and Pakistan, the forces went berserk, set on fire the shops,

 Huriyat Conference expressed shock over fire incident in Shalimar Srinagar and said that that after Champions trophy final between India and Pakistan, the forces went berserk, set on fire the shops, ruthlessly beat people and smashed properties in Ashitengu, Seelo Sopore and Bandipora.

 People love Pakistan and this is the reason that forces out of vengeful act thrash civilians and target properties, added Hurriyat.

 Demanding probe into the fire incident in which shops worth millions were gutted, Hurriyat said that these shops belong to poor traders and these business centers were the sole source of income.

Hurriyat spokesman in a detailed statement about the incident said that local on telephone informed and revealed that Sunday night after the Pakistan won champions trophy, the people and particularly youth of the locality celebrated the victory and burst a few crackers.  

The locals alleged that forces personal stationed in nearby camp were outraged, went berserk and later set all shops on fire.

Spokesman said that forces went berserk at many places in state and in Sellu Sopore, Ashitengu village of north Kashmir’s Bandipora district ransacked properties and smashed window pans.  

The residents alleged that army and SOG men fired at many places, broke windowpanes of residential houses, local Jamia Masjid, damaged several vehicles parked on roadsides and thrashed civilians to pulp, said spokesman.

Spokesman while blaming forces for vandalism, said that it is sheer state sponsored terrorism and unjustified and people are left at the mercy of forces and SOG personnel. The oppression has now reached extreme limits. Brutalities are being reported from every nook and cranny of the Kashmir Valley,” he added

 Lashing at authority’s spokesman said that no accountability exists there and state administration is acting as mute spectator.

Pro-Pakistan slogans and love for that country is nothing new and those who are familiar with Kashmiri know there is nothing new in it. Since the Pakistan came into existence, people love that country and it is quite a normal phenomenon, said spokesman.

Love, sentiments and passion, all are natural instinct and hence it is not an offence, said spokesman. Pakistan as a party to the issue supports our cause on political and diplomatic level, hence people feel jubilant on these occasions, added spokesman.

Natural impulses can’t be suppressed by coercion and arrogance and hence forces action and brutalities against civilians is unjustified and illogical, said spokesman.  

Indian authorities need to retrospect over the prevailing situation, respect people’s aspirations and sentiments, said he.

People in state very well understand the position of two countries and they do differentiate between an occupier and a country with sincere sentiments for oppressed people in Kashmir, said spokesman and added that moreover Pakistan supports our stance and raise voice for suppressed people in state and as such love for that country is age old practice.

Might or muscle can’t suppress these sentiment, said spokesman and added that on these occasions when people and mostly youth recall the atrocities inflicted by Indian forces, cannot control their feelings and celebrate events with full enthusiasm.

 Slamming Indian media for its biased reporting, spokesman said that they are promoting hatred for Kashmiri people and run misinformation campaign, thus    adding fuel to fire.

News Date 6/19/2017 12:00:00 AM
Remembering Dr Qazi Nisar on his 24th anniversary

 Remembering Dr Qazi Nisar on his 24th anniversary, Syed Ali Geelani on Monday hailed his religious, social, and political contribution.

 Geelani said that Dr Qazi Nisar was a religious scholar and a firebrand orator.

He played a stunning role during campaign launched by Muslim United Front, said Geelani and while praying for eternal peace to his soul, Geelani said that during resistance struggle he played a vital role in bringing revolutionary changes in nook and corner of state.

News Date 6/19/2017 12:00:00 AM
Resistance leadership in a joint statement said that NIA is being used as a war weapon against leadership

 Resistance leadership on Monday in a joint statement said that NIA is being used as a war weapon against leadership, with its main objective to harass leadership.

Joint leadership said that they frame and raid residences of pro-freedom leaders and activists on the pre-planned psychological crackdown, so that they surrender and stop voicing the sentiments of their nation.

Referring to NIA, they said that although this agency is being projected as an autonomous body, however its services are being utilized to terrorize leadership and defame and discredit ongoing freedom movement.

They are trying to frame false cases against resistance camp and putting pressure on us to weaken the resistance movement,” they said.

All these state sponsored tactics and coercive measures won’t deter us from pursuing our mission, nor these coercions, suppressive and aggressive measures will make us to surrender, said leadership.

The resistance leadership while referring to famous religious scholar, Dr Zakir Naik, said that he too was forced to leave country after framing concocted stories against him and in a similar manner authorities to defame freedom movement are planning to frame fake cases against leadership.

  Leadership warned Indian authorities of dire consequences If this is not stopped forthwith.

We are deliberating over this issue seriously and are in continuous consultations with all sections of society, said they and added that we will chalk out a policy to resist this move, added they.

Statement said that for past several days NIA is unnecessarily questioning Mohammad Altaf Shah and Shahid ul Islam and added that during NIA raids in Srinagar, hawala money or any objectionable material was not seized, however through their mischievous plans are trying to get hold of leadership on fictitious charges as was done in Dr Zakir Nayaks case, added leadership.

This has proved beyond doubt that NIA is not an autonomous agency, instead a tool in the hands of fanatical authorities in Delhi and they take undue advantage of this agency against its opponents or those pursuing freedom struggle in state.


Kashmir issue is a reality, added they and said that through these repressive measures they won’t be able to achieve any good and it is our sincere suggestion to authorities in Delhi that instead of meddling through these feverish means they should address the core issue and provide an opportunity to ascertain the aspirations of people about political destiny of state.

It will definitely make an end to prevailing political uncertainty in state and  this step will  also  boost economy of Indian citizens.

Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz and Malik said that we are a peace-loving nation and are deeply enthusiastic for lasting peace, however Indian leadership need to take steps and play a key role.

 Better for Indian leadership to shun its haughty and stubborn attitude, leadership said and added that India can play a leading role and can help in creating a    peaceful atmosphere in subcontinent.



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