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News Date 3/23/2017 12:00:00 AM
India was not sincere about finding a peaceful and lasting solution to the Kashmir issue

All Parties Huriyat Conference, while reacting to the statement of the union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, said that India was not sincere about finding a peaceful and lasting solution to the Kashmir issue. Huriyat said the Indian government has yet to accept that Kashmir was "a disputed territory and not a law and order problem. Thursday, APHC while reacting to the statement wherein home minister has said “that they are ready to talk to everyone in Kashmir ‘’said that Kashmir issue is simply an issue for right to self-determination and the issue lists at top in all other recognized human values. Sincere steps are needed to resolve issue; however, the egoistic and stubborn approach of Indian authorities are creating impediments, said Huriyat and suggested that It is better for Indian authorities to shun its stubborn approach and resolve this long pending issue.

There is nothing new, while referring to the statement of Rajnath Singh and said it is simply rhetoric and formal parroting about Kashmir problem.

Commenting over the assertions of Rajnath Singh wherein he claimed that during his visit to valley, he attempted to try out a solution to Kashmir issue, Huriyat said that it is ridiculous and illustrates their arrogance. He will never divulge reality and it is their deceit to mislead his nation, said Huriyat.

During people’s uprising in 2016, Rajnath Singh though visited valley, however he preferred to maintain silence and didn’t dare to reveal truth about Kashmir issue, said Huriyat in its statement.

It is quite strange that despite being a mature politician and fully aware about this fact that issue can’t be resolved by force, conglomerate and added that instead of addressing the core issue he made frequent announcement for reinforcement of forces personnel and more consignment of bullets and pellets were send to state.

 While referring to the parliamentary delegation, Huriyat asserted that before they could take any move, Rajnath Singh directed them to follow Indian constitution. They didn’t enjoy any mandate, nor they disclosed their agenda, said Huriyat. While referring to statement of Rajnath Singh, Huriyat said that Home Minister and other needlessly & constantly give hype to parliamentary delegation and while as those members neither enjoyed any mandate nor made their agenda public.

What was the fun to engage in takes with parliamentary delegation, asked Huriyat and said that even a person with average perception can’t deny this fact that even complex situation and issues are resolved through parleys.

They are not sincere, referring to Indian authorities, however following Chankyan   dogma, said Huriyat and are desperate to mislead international community.

It is half-truth, said Huriyat and criticising the statement of Rajnath Singh wherein he has said that India is desirous to resolve the issue and added that only people with conscience look serious about the resolution of Kashmir issue. Let India take initiative and honour opinion of its people as they are craving for its honourable solution and acknowledge all its pledges with regards to resolution of Kashmir issue, said Huriyat. A new dawn of prosperity, peace & stability will commence, soon as this pending issue is resolved, said Huriyat.

News Date 3/23/2017 12:00:00 AM
Police is arresting and targeting the relatives of political activists

 All Parties Huriyat Conference demanded immediate release of Tariq Ahmad Bazaz and other detained activists. In a statement Huriyat conference strongly condemned the repeated police raids against Gh Nabi Sumji and Gazi Javed Ahmad Baba.

Huriyat while ridiculing the police authorities, said that it is quite contradictory and unethical to involve families. Referring to the statement of DG police Mr Vaid wherein he had called Mujahedeen not to involve families in such situations, however contrary to these police is arresting and targeting the relatives of political activists. Gazi Javed is not a militant, however being a political worker his activities are peaceful, said spokesman.

His relatives are being targeted and one of his relative Tariq Ahmad Bazaz was arrested by police and terming it unconstitutional unethical, spokesman said that such type of lawlessness and highhandedness are not justified in a civilised societies. Stressing for immediate release, spokesman in his appeal to human rights organisation asked to take their cognizance.

News Date 3/22/2017 12:00:00 AM
Pakistan A “centre of hope” of Muslim Ummah

APHC chairman ,Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday termed Pakistan as “centre of hope” of Muslim Ummah and said that the country was a great blessing for Muslims. While greeting the Pakistan government, Pakistan Army and the people of Pakistan on the Pakistan Resolution Day, Syed Ali Geelani said that the country has a political importance in the Muslim world and this country is centre of hope not only for the Sub-continent but for the whole Muslim Ummah. 

Syed Ali Geelani said that unparalleled sacrifices were presented for its creation & Pakistan has proven to be a great blessing for the Muslims and “we should thank Almighty Allah for that”. 

He said that the “blessing day” of 23 March is such an important day when a resolution was passed for creation of separate nation for the Muslims some 77 years back & it is a dream realized when forces like Sangh Pariwar were opposing and spreading their venomous[SN1] [SN2]  dogma against its creation.

It was the time when this kind of thinking was considered as impossible and the fanatic communal forces were harshly opposing this move but the determination of the leadership succeeded in creation of a paradise like resort for those aspiring to see their dream come true, said Syed Ali Geelani.

Creation of Pakistan has changed the discourse of history, said Syed Ali Geelani & this is the only Muslim country in the world which openly supports the right to self-determination of Kashmiris and helps them on political, diplomatic and moral levels. Geelani said that is the reason that people of Kashmir are extremely thankful to them for that they love and pray for its prosperity.

Hailing Pakistan for its unflinching support for Kashmir cause, Syed Ali Geelani said that Pakistan has been established on ideology instead of geography and every Pakistani should realize their duty to safeguard its fundamentals and ideology.

Huriyat chairman in his appeal to people of Pakistan asked to work for the prosperity of the nation and serve and respect minorities in that country. He stressed for cordial relation between Iran, Afghanistan & Pakistan and said that best relation between these countries will lead the region to overall stability, peace, development and progress

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