Why Tehreek-e-Huriyat?

You must have heard the name of Tehreek-e- Huriyat , but would have dismissed the thought of joining it, for it is, but a religious political parties like many others.

 Why stand by the Tehreek-e- Huriyat ?
Let us start with the fact, that life itself is the greatest blessing. We enjoy all other boons owing to life alone. Besides life gives us a chance to earn immortal boons and blessings in the hereafter, Question is that, if life is all that matter, then it should be a pleasant experience, but a reflection reveals the contrary, i.e. that it has become a painful experience and a mere pursuit of livelihood for a common man. But those who are wel off, they are out to multiply their wealth and double their bank balances. This is how, the man spends his days and nights, and the cycle continues till the end of life. Ever increasing dearness, has made it impossible for a common man to make his monthly Budget and in most cases, even basic needs of good accommodation, quality schooling for the children’s and desire for a reasonable employment often go unsatisfied, though he goes from pillar to post. And getting a proper treatment for any disease is fast becoming a dream.
Have a look at our dear homeland injustice and mischief has become order of the day. God created man equal but a handful people have grabbed more land they needed and amassed, money in excess of their needs for, they want to live a luxurious life. And, such people have enslaved other fellows human beings by keeping them poor and ignorant, we have weakened our fellow compatriots by denying them their due rights. And thus have deprived their lives even of trifle joys, Corruption together with adulteration is prevalent. Bribery is must even for a legal thing. Police always acts beyond any norms of decency and emptying the purses is the only way to get justice from a court of law. Standard of the education is all time low and morality and ethics too, are no better. Obscenity is all permeating. The armed forces instead of conquering the enemy have conquered its own nation many a time by declaring Martial Law in the country. Bureaucrats who are supposed to be public servants have become public bosses.
Look at the Ummah although every fifth country of the globe is a Muslim one, yet it is not worthwhile to be reckoned with. Strong nations of the world are out to loot it. But it is either a helpless spectator, or a willing victim. You must have tried to find out a solution to all these problems to make your life a cradle of peace, if so, you can have an answer to this in the manifesto of Tehreek-e- Huriyat .
If the Muslims today are worst sufferers reason is obvious and that is, we have forgot the mission for which Muslim Ummah had been raised . We are no more faithful to Allah and his messenger; mundane gains have become hub of over activities. On the other hand, we are not ready to spend money and time for our Deen(Islam). It is paradoxical, that Muslims recite the Quran and profess their love for the Prophet (PBUH) but at the same time do not hesitate disregarding their commandments. The message of Tehreek-e- Huriyat  to the Muslims is to make them surrender to Allah and his Messenger in totality and to warn them that they have no right whatsoever to disobey the injunctions of the Quran and Sunnah, in the least. And further to remind them that even the sacrifice of life and money is no big price for making Islam victorious. Of course, it is hard to achieve this end unless they are united under the banner of one party.
To further this Prophetic Cause, Tehreek-e- Huriyat  has been formed and it is not a political party as generally understood i.e whose main target is nothing but an election-win. Again it is not a religious party in the popular sense of the word, meaning thereby, a platform for Doctrinal, juristic and spiritual affaires and activities, rather our total struggle has one point agenda to win Allah’s pleasure by surrendering to Him in every walk of life. Only Allah’s pleasure can help bring a revolution whereby, His rule can be established from hearts to private and public life of an individual. In short our slogan for this universal revolution is, all that is on earth, belongs to Allah Almighty.
Our Program
It is part of the program of Tehreek-e- Huriyat  to awaken the slumbering people and to make them an organized force through training. In order to popularize to Islamic thought in the society and thus enabling the Muslims equip themselves with Islamic characteristics of a practicing Muslim and with the help of masses to challenge the atheists generally in all spheres of life and to remove them from the helm of affairs, in particular, and instead to enthrone those who are obedient to Allah. Let it be clear, that Tehreek-e- Huriyat  is committed to turn our country into such a social-welfare state.
·         Which should be replica of the Khalafat-e-Rashida?
·         Which should guarantee the basics needs like food, clothing, housing, free Health and education facilities along with easy access to justice?
·         Which ensures fair distribution of resources?
·         Where all human fundamental rights are safeguarded?
·         Where people can vote in and out Governments through election?
What does your heart voice?
If in your opinion, message and program of Tehreek-e- Huriyat  is true then we invite you to become our partners in our struggles i.e. to join Tehreek-e- Huriyat . Tehreek-e- Huriyat  is not an group of certain class on the contrary, it is populist party and the people who condemn repression and injustice and hence, want to get rid of it must come in to action to broke the vice of repression, for it requires tremendous effort and connote be achieved through silent condemnation only. Join us in this struggle and spend a considerable time and money of yours for the divine pleasure.
Once all the people like you would be up the day is not far off when darkness of repression and injustice will disappear. The sun of the justice would dawn upon us and we will be living under an Islamic Government. Your conscience, your country, your Ummah and wounded humanity all are calling you, if you say yes, and then respect and success in this world and Paradise in the hereafter awaits you. Hear the voice; “Be Allah’s helpers, and say, We are Allah’s helpers”.