Syed Ali Geelani while expressing his deep concern over increasing use of repressive measures from forces against civilians and student community & said Kashmiri people are facing state terrorism. As far as the ground situation is concerned, there is simmering lava against state terrorism and excesses perpetrated by the government, army and its police, Geelani, said. We won’t tolerate this and will resent if not stopped forthwith, said he. Carrier of our students is at risk and this is unbearable, said Geelani

Referring to Pulwama incident, Geelani said that forces laid a naka outside college and without any reason entered college premises, thrashed and injured many.

Syed Ali Geelani while hailing student community, said that it is encouraging that they in solidarity with their brethren staged peaceful protest, however forces and police resorted to brute force against peaceful protestors in which scores including girl students received injuries.

Lashing at forces and police, Geelani said that they unnecessarily target student community and used brute force. They should note, while addressing to police and forces, and said that people in state are pursuing for their right to self-determination and there is no justification for bullying and highhandedness.

Geelani asked Indian authorities to stop their callous approach, and instead of employing repressive and coercive measures against people, they need to address the core issue and take steps for its lasting solution.

Geelani impressed international community to help solve the issue and as being humans they share responsibility to create conducive atmosphere for its solution. It is necessary to make an end of continuous bloodshed, said Geelani.

They serve as an asset, while referring to student community, said Geelani & expressed his sympathy with injured students. They are pride for a nation and use of brute force against student community tantamount to direct attack on nation, added Geelani.

Geelani expressed deep anguish for appalling situation in state and said that circumstances in state are already simmering and state police is adding fuel to fire.  

Syed Ali Geelani while blaming authorities in Delhi, said that they are hell-bent to create disturbances to break our economical & education sector. We are keeping a close eye on the situation, said Geelani and will take requiring measures to check these conspiracies.

Hailing student community for their exemplary valor, their passion for freedom and high sentiments, Syed Ali Geelani said that we are proud of our young generations for their persistence and mature thinking.