Expressing grief over the loss of lives in ceasefire violations along indo-Pak border, Syed Ali Geelani today said that small skirmishes can lead to a full-fledged war between the two in which no country will be a winner and it always culminates at loss of precious lives.

The disputed nature of Jammu & Kashmir is a sore for both countries, said Syed Ali Geelani and in his appeal to international community sought their active support for resolution to disputed nature of Jammu & Kashmir.

Sunday, Syed Ali Geelani expressed sorrow and concern over the loss of precious human lives due to the ceasefire violations along the Line of Control and added that these skirmishes are multiplying human tragedies and on both sides the Kashmiris are killed and their dwellings and belongings destroyed.

Syed Ali Geelani said that peace and tranquility in sub-continent is at stake as

both countries have nuclear weapons and small skirmishes can lead to a war between the two in which no country will be a winner and its impact will be disastrous for whole world.

Unresolved Kashmir dispute has been a permanent threat to the peace and its unresolved nature is posing continuous threat to whole subcontinent, said Geelani.

 It is not a mere border issue between the two, said Geelani and added that Kashmir issue relates to 15 million people and added unless the aspiration of people of state are respected and taken into consideration, no peace and tranquility is possible in sub-continent.

Blaming Indian authorities for their haughty and stubborn approach, Syed Ali Geelani said that they are relying on their military might and their unrealistic attitude is the main obstacle in its peaceful and amicable settlement, added he.

However, it is Delhi that is denying our right and creating hurdles, said Geelani and in his appeal to International community asked to come to the rescue of suppressed people in Kashmir and feel our pain.

 He said that we are a peaceful nation and we have no enmity with India or nourish any animosity against their faith.

We are pursuing our fundamental right however Delhi is denying our right which they have pledged with us on international forums and they are creating hurdles in its peaceful resolution, added Geelani. The peaceful resolution to Kashmir dispute will prove advantageous even for both India and Pakistan, said Geelani and added that a new era of peace, development and prosperity will begin in this region.