While paying rich tributes to martyrs of July 13, 1931, Syed Ali Geelani said though they presented their precious lives for sacred cause, yet the mission remains unfinished and added that ongoing freedom struggle is in sequence and a chain of the very mission commenced in 1931.


The present freedom struggle of Kashmir is the part of the movement started by the martyrs of 1931. So, the best way of paying rich tributes to the martyrs of 1931 is that we should continue our struggle till the goal of right to self-determination is achieved added Geelani.


Geelani while referring to two nation theory, added that Indo-Pak came into existence in 1947 and however the then leadership in year 1938 in a bid to divert the direction of mission, converted Muslim Conference in to National Conference.


Geelani added the leadership betrayed with the movement and it was first of its kind of treachery for the services laid by martyrs. They did repeat it and added that they again corroborated the instrument of accession with India. It was against the aspirations and people and people were forced to accept the state slavery of India added Syed Ali Geelani.


Geelani said, “The sacrifices of martyrs of 1931 were once again bartered and humiliated in 1975 when the plebiscite movement was buried and Indira- Abdullah Accord came into existence and the leadership of that time surrendered before New Delhi merely for the chair.


Syed Ali Geelani while commenting over the present situation, said the ongoing freedom struggle is in sequence and a chain of the very mission commenced in 1931 and since 1947 till now 6 lakh people have achieved martyrdom.


People follow footsteps of martyrs of 1931 and added that the best approach to pay tribute to all martyrs is that we should exhibit commitment with freedom struggle and in no case, should depict any sort of weakness, said Syed Ali Geelani.


Syed Ali Geelani, said that all pro Indian political parties betrayed the mission of martyrs of 13th July and they bargained.


Syed Ali Geelani said that these martyrs while laying responsibility over then leadership faced bullets with velour and were expecting that leadership would not deceive them and at any cost would hold on to mission and forbid bargaining.