Huriyat called statement of Indian Minister Mr. Jitendra Singh as meaningless and non-realistic. Friday in a statement Huriyat said these pointless and arrogant statements can’t change the discourse and reality of Kashmir dispute.

People in state have out rightly rejected their claim and are pursuing their rightful struggle since past seven decades.

The status of Kashmir is internationally accepted reality, said Hurriyat and added that India, Pakistan and international community stand witness to this fact.

In such an environment, Indian rulers should also review their thinking and abandon such deprived policies, which have no destination, said Huriyat

 Rhetoric about being an integral part is a nothing but a mockery and can’t change the reality about the disputed status of Kashmir.

Hurriyat spokesperson said that the world is changing swiftly and international scenario is changing and all issues related to disputed territories are resolved through dialogue and mutual understanding.

Better to revisit its haughty policy, said spokesman and asked Indian authorities to shun its stubborn approach.

 India is claiming to be a large republic of the world, however Kashmir issue    stands as a big question mark and refutes its claim.

Millions of people are dying in India due to starvation and on the other hand, they are spending a huge chunk of finance over armory and on other military expenses.

  Kashmir issue is just an issue of ego for Indian authorities, said spokesman, thus punishing millions of people both in India and disputed territory of Jammu & Kashmir.

Huriyat asked Dr Jitendra Sigh and other Indian leaders to accept realities and abandon the rhetorical about Kashmir.

 A common atmosphere of non-confidence has been developed and it is pulsing the ritual of human relationships.

Huriyat in its statement stressed Dr Jitendra Singh and other authorities and asked to abandon the rhetoric and accept ground realities about Kashmir issue.

  Hurriyat in its statement while hailing the China's statement over Kashmir statement and said that China being a neighboring country can play a positive role in the final solution of this long pending issue.

  Since Kashmir dispute has become a threat to the peace of the entire region and a powerful country like China cannot remain silent for this situation, added spokesman.