Syed Ali Geelani paid glorious tributes to innocent teenage Saima Wani, sister of Slain Brave-heart Sameer Ah Wani who succumbed to her injuries yesterday night after battling for life for 18 Days at SKIMS Soura.

Accusing Indian forces for continuous bloodshed, Geelani expressed his deep sympathy with the family of Shaheed Saima and added that the atrocities perpetrated and killing graph has touched its highest limits.

 While blaming forces, Geelani said that they are directly targeting civilians and unbridled state power is being enforced against innocents. He blamed state administration for unleashing violent measures against unarmed civilians and added that even kids and innocent civilians are being killed by trigger-happy forces.

Syed Ali Geelani in his statement expressed his solidarity and sympathy with the family of innocent Saima, saying government forces have virtually waged war against civilians and are carrying massacre under well thought out plan.
Praying for innocent Saima and bereaved family, Geelani urged the international human rights organizations, International community, Asia watch, Amnesty International to take notice of terror perpetrated and unabated killings by Indian forces in occupied state. He further added that peaceful struggle for right to self-determination will continue until the people of Kashmir achieve its goal.