Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday said that India while infringing all norms and ethics, forcibly landed its forces and with its military might occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir. Addressing protest demonstration against arrival of Indian Prime Minister in London, Syed Ali Geelani on telephone while referring events that led to partition and creation of India Pak as two countries, said that India while trampling all basic norms and ethics of “Indian independence Act of 1947”, all against the wishes of people, occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Geelani addressing audience impressed and insisted to convey the rightful message to Indian premier about the woeful situation people facing, merciless killings, arbitrary measures unleashed, torture, humiliation and vandalizing properties by its brute forces.

People are being traumatized, tortured, intimidated, caged, harassed, women molested and people irrespective of age and gender subjected to political vengeance, said Geelani in his telephonic address to protestors.

People are being brutally killed, properties razed to ground, people and leadership caged on fake allegations, youth tortured and disappeared in custody and rape is being used as a war weapon against women,” he said. 

Geelani while addressing the people protesting against Narinder Modi, said ‘’ we are not demanding secession of any legal part of India, but our loud and clear demand is for the right to self-determination to decide political destiny of state.

Referring to egoistic and haughty approach of India, Syed Ali Geelani said that our youth are being arrested, caged and subjected to extreme physical torture and are being pushed to wall and consequently there exists no option other than to consider other options to give vent to their sentiments. This evolved an explosive situation and there is increasing tendency in human causalities, said Syed Ali Geelani.

We are peace loving nation, said Geelani and we never derive pleasure even if an Indian solider die, but contrary to this, their brute forces enjoy and become jubilant whenever they kill our youth and innocent people. he added.

I pay my tributes to my nation for their exemplary valor and steadfastness against all odds, said Geelani in his telephonic address and added that Kashmiri people in their struggle against forced occupation are creating an unmatched history.

Reiterating his pledge to carry freedom mission, saying   Kashmir has turned a nuclear flashpoint in the subcontinent and horrors of war will devastate the people living in sub-continent. “Geelani said the people of Jammu and Kashmir are peace-loving, and Indian leaders can play a key role by respecting their aspirations, instead of adopting coercive measures,''   Geelani said.

''They should shun fanatical politics because the need of the hour is to acknowledge the ground realities of the long-pending Jammu and Kashmir dispute.''

Kashmir is a flash point and any flare can lead to a full-fledged war between two nuclear countries, Said Geelani.

Both India and Pakistan are nuclear countries and any flare up can prove extremely devastative,” he said. He said Kashmir issue has multiplied human tragedies and it was because of this lingering issue that millions of people were facing immense hardship and a state of uncertainty and instability was looming over the whole south Asian region. Geelani in his address said that we will acknowledge every positive step by Indian leadership   that leads to final resolution of Kashmir issue, saying we are in dire need of peace and hence welcome all steps leading to lasting solution and stability in strife torn region.