All Parties Hurriyat Conference Majlish Shoora (Executive Council) held an emergency meeting presided over by its Secretary General, Haji Gh. Nabi Sumji. The meeting discussed the volatile situation in the wake of abrogating all the legal and constitutional barriers to turn Muslim majority into a mere minority in Jammu and Kashmir.

The meeting expressed its grave concern on this grave issue and termed it as a do or die matter for the people of Kashmir. We are on the crossroads of our history where the nation has to decide whether to live or perish in the garb of Indian political, economic and cultural aggression. The meeting strongly felt that to defeat the nefarious designs of Indian aggression, be it in the form of economic, geographic, political or cultural, the need of the hour is a strong unity amongst all the sections of the society.

The meeting pledged to support vehemently the program chalked out by Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) in letter and spirit and termed the unanimous support by all the trade unions, Bar Association, Employees, Intellectuals, Transporters, students as highly laudable. The meeting cautioned the freedom loving people to remain vigilant about the pro-Indian political hypocrites and black sheep who have been instrumental in the abrogation of all the legal and constitutional provisions for their petty political benefits.

The meeting while elaborating the negative impact of any imbalance in the demography of Jammu and Kashmir termed it as opening flood-gates of Indian aggression. People will be rendered, homeless, jobless and strange fellows in their homeland as and when Article 35-A, Article 370 and other provisions of public safety act which prohibits lodgment of detenues outside the state of Jammu and Kashmir, get tempered. The meeting expressed its serious concern on importing Putwaris and Tehsildars from outside, sale and purchase of our land to the Indian capitalists and sending those incarcerated even under section 107 or 13ULA to Tihar Jail etc.

The meeting smelled deep conspiracies behind raising such issues to divert attention of the [people from their legitimate movement for right to self-determination. The meeting appealed the UN Secretary General to take cognizance of Indian aggression to change the Muslim majority character of Jammu and Kashmir. The meeting also sought help of the UN to solve Kashmir issue as per its agreed resolutions.

The meeting condemned the arrest of its senior leaders Hakeem Abdul Rashid and Umar Aadil Dar at the hands of police authorities of Islamabad.

Also  A high level delegation of All Parties Hurriyat Conference senior leaders including Nisar Hussain Rather, Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah, Molvi Bashir, Syed Mohammad Shafi, Yasmeen Raja, Bashir Ahmad Indrabi and Syed Imtiyaz Haider, Nissar Ahmad Bhat, Fayaz Ahmad, Arshad Ahmad Bhat, on the direction of Hurriyat chairman Syed Ali Geelani visited the residence of Shaheed Mudasir Ahmad Bhat at Barzullah Srinagar and conveyed his condolences to his parents and other family members.

The delegation paid rich tributes to the martyr and expressed their pledge to carry the sacred mission of our martyrs to its logical conclusion. The delegation expressed its anguish on the role of men in uniform who after a long period of ordeal for the family of the martyr, returned the mortal remains for its burial at his ancestral graveyard and to take last glimpse of the martyr by his near and dear ones.