Press Note Tehreek-e-Hurriyat.Urdu statement Attached.

Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai while appealing  people to observe Martyrdom Anniversary of Maqbool Bhat on 11th Feb with fervor and said, Let us fortify our pledge that we will pursue the path that leads to our ultimate goal of freedom for Kashmir. And let us resolve that we will not fail in our endeavor.We have presented unparalleled sacrifice and now it is very imperative and obligatory to safeguard them.Sehrai called on the nation to exhibit steadfastness and unanimity and ‘keep aloof from India and its local stooges.

While paying his Greatest tributes and salutes to the national Hero and his great Mother Bibi Shahmala for sacrificing her four sons for Kashmir cause.Sehrai said Maqbool's brutal murder has light the torch that has been guiding thousands of freedom fighters in Kashmir. He said Martyrdom is the pathway to mightiness. The deserving persons opt for such way. Our martyrs are our heirs, heroes and role-models for the youth. Those who follow the footsteps of their forefathers bear the fruitful results. Sehrai said,Maqbool sacrificed his life to ensure his people get “freedom from India.he added that the “Indian State hanged Bhat and set his soul free, which is now shouting for Kashmir's Azadi from Generation to Generation.

Chairman ( TeH) Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai While paying glorious tributes to the slain Kulgam Mrtyrs,said the kashmiri people were facing the worst kind of Indian state terrorism but despite that they would take their liberation movement to its logical conclusion.He said,the indigenous uprising of the Kashmiris has been met, as usual, with brutal repression by India’s occupation force of over half a million soldiers. These brutalities will not suppress the spirit of the Kashmiris; it will only intensify their anger and fortify their determination to see India end its occupation of Kashmir.What India is doing is a Genocide? Kashmiris have endured tremendous suffering and hardships, but there is no choice but to continue struggle.These Martyrs are our hero’s and their sacrifices are part of golden history of our resistance.

Sehrai sahib in his statement said, a new generation of Kashmiris has risen spontaneously against India’s illegal occupation – demanding freedom from occupation. a popular and peaceful freedom movement, led by Kashmiris, young and old, men and women, armed only with an undying faith in the legitimacy of their cause, and a hunger for freedom in their hearts.The demand of the Kashmiri people for self-determination, as promised to them by several Security Council resolutions. Our struggle is a legitimate one for liberation from alien occupation.he said,