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Srinagar: June 12, 2019: Reacting to the verdict on the rape and murder case of a Kuthwa minor girl, chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Geelani said that the beastly act of Kidnapping, drug intoxication, gang-rape and murder, qualifies for the maximum punishment. This inhuman act has shattered every live soul where under a well knit conspiracy to harass and throw this poor and helpless community out of their own locality.

All these murderers, their mastermind, their collaborators and their helpers, all should have met the same fate as that innocent minor girl, but here the laws are selective and punishments are decided on the mood and whim of population.

He said on one hand people are hanged on political grounds to satisfy the collective conscious and on other hand those responsible for innocent and gruesome killings in broad-day-light are given lighter punishment.

He said that lawmakers too are elected on their criminal records and when such mindset is free for legislation, the outcome cannot be expected other hand what we these days witness.

Giving benefit of doubt to the son of the mastermind is shameful as he too should have made to undergo similar pain and agony that innocent minor girl was subjected to.

He said that parents of that poor girl could have expected a capital punishment from those repeatedly sloganing “Beti Bachaw”, but unfortunately here killers of a particular faith are not only garlanded and encouraged, but voted to higher and decisive positions and if this trend is accepted, it would create a safe haven for murders, thieves, and criminals – then rhetoric of “Bethi Bachaw” may fetch electoral dividends to pave the way for power corridors, but it will definitely shake the fundamentals of the social fabric to the extent that whole society will crumble. Does the justice givers wait for such a dooms Day??

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