Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai expressed his Gratitude and welcoming the statement of Amnesty International(AI) over the brazen misuse of public safety Act (PSA) , wherein they said, PSA is being misused to detain people without trial depicting the rights situation in valley. 

Sehrai said, it has been a consistent demand of the people of Kashmir that such international institutions should wake up to take notices of the grave human rights situation in Kashmir and continue to monitor and fallow up on human rights abuses. 

He said the people of Kashmir had the same rights of justice and dignity as people all over the world and we urge GOI and world community  to respect it and restore Human values. 

He said Our voice finds barricades on earth simply, we feel chocked. We do not want anything unacceptable out of blue. We simply deserve what was promised to us. We want peace, resolution of conflict, respect for lives, dignity and a space of freedom, for us in our land. 

Sehrai appealed the Amnesty International and international human rights organizations to prevail upon the Indian state to shun the excessive use of force and stop inflicting pain on Kashmiris by these draconian laws instead of  resolving Kashmir issue as per the wishes of people of Kashmir. 

Further, sehrai expressed disappointment the way authorities refused permission to Amnesty International for holding a press briefing over the report which is undemocratic. 

He said in any responsible democracy such a damning report would have initiated a full scale debate on how the human rights record can be improved. But the GOI always choose to reject it. Even Indian civil society prefers to keep mum over this humanitarian tragedy.