Press Release Tehreek-e-Hurriyat.Urdu enclosed.

Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai expressed concern over the escalating tension along the border, and appealed to both India and Pakistan to avoid the path of confrontation and resolve outstanding issues particularly kashmir issue through dialogue and work for de-escalation of the situation in the state.
He said it is the hapless, poor and innocent civilians of Jammu and Kashmir who lose their precious lives and properties. And during the last so many decades, the biggest price for this confrontation has been paid by the Kashmiri people on both sides of the divide,” Sehrai said,

Terming escalation in the hostilities between India and Pakistan on borders as "worrisome and dangerous" to the peace of the region and entire sub-continent , Sehrai reiterated his appeal to the leadership of both the nations to show maturity and wisdom and de-escalate the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

 Sehrai also expressed dismay and anguish the way tourists and yatris was asked by the govt to vacate the valley.He said from centuries Kashmiris have been safeguarding millions of tourists and yatris coming from all over the world including India and providing exemplary hospitality and safety as we have been taught hospitality, humanity and safeguarding the rights of guests by our religion, but  this mass exodus of yatris and tourists is very painful and also aimed to hit our economic backbone, he added , that it also proved who conspired  such mass exodus be it in 1990 or today's unfortunate mass departure of our guests.He said stoping yatris from performing their religious obligations is very unfortunate and inhuman ,even governor himself reiterated many times that it is the people of kashmir who graciously facilitated these religious congregations then what forced GOI to curtail and stop it sehrai ,asked?

Meanwhile,Sehrai condemned the “arrest spree” of youth and political activists in south Kashmir’s islamabaad and Pulwama during raids that include fayaz Ahmed Das ,Mohammad Shafi Khan ,Riyaz Ahmed, Mushtaq Ahmed,Ashiq Narchoor and master ali mohd of Hajin and Bashir Ahmed of Islamabaad.He said such arrests and nocturnal raids as “most undemocratic”, and virtually a political witchhunt, nothing else.